What Can I Do About Arthritis in My Feet?

If you’re experiencing pain in your feet, there’s a good chance you may have arthritis, or more specifically, osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the gradual wearing down of the cartilage between bones and joints over the years — bones are rubbing against bones, joints are worn down, and affected areas are swollen and painful. Dr. Bregman at Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center specializes in helping you manage your arthritis pain. 

How does arthritis affect the foot?

To understand the arthritis in your foot, you must first understand how your foot works. Your foot is comprised of 28 bones and over 30 joints, making it a prime target for arthritis. 

The most common areas affected by arthritis in the foot are the:

How do I know I have arthritis in my foot?

You may think you simply have joint pain or soreness in your foot, but it’s important to talk to a doctor if the pain is severe and constant. Dr. Bregman and his team assess your specific situation and guide you toward the right treatment plan. 

Arthritis in any part of the body has similar symptoms, such as tenderness, pain, stiffness, or swelling in the joint. However, arthritis in the foot may result in lack of mobility or ability to bear weight. You may also notice protrusions or bone spurs. 

Dr. Bregman uses a variety of methods to determine the presence and degree of arthritis in your foot. These methods can include an evaluation of your medical history, especially if you’ve injured your foot in the past. He also performs a physical exam to look for bone spurs or other possible deformities, and he may get images of your foot, such as X-rays and/or an MRI. 

To help Dr. Bregman better understand your situation during your consultation, consider the following questions:

What are my treatment options?

There are many possible treatments for arthritis. Dr. Bregman and his team at Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center offer a wide range of treatment options, including:

If your symptoms haven’t improved with the above methods, talk to Dr. Bregman about your next-level options.

Waiting to seek treatment or hoping the pain will go away on its own can lead to other complications and ultimately affect your quality of life. Dr. Bregman is dedicated to getting you the help and relief you need from your arthritis pain. Call our office in Las Vegas to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.

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